Adventure Club Bangladesh


Adventure Club is the fastest growing national youth network in Bangladesh which organizes nationwide tours, provides information and privileges. It is initiated by B-Cube Foundation and supported by Bangladesh Tourism Board and Ministry of Tourism and Aviation.

It was crucial that the strategic planning and graphic branding clearly communicated the relevance of the new service, resonated with Adventure Club Bangladesh’s target audience and worked across youth netowrks of Bangladesh..


The core mission of adventure club was to reach the youth of every places in Bangladesh and create awareness and tourism friendly environment in Bangladesh. Horin Branding Team worked on the core emotional depth of the brand, in the heart of Adventure Club’s target audience.

The most impressive thing was to figure out the natural instinct of Young people that is surpressed by electronic quad devices. It was their feature that Horin Branding Team choose to use as the main focus in the campaign “ আবার কৌতূহলী হও ( Get Curious Again ) ”


The campaign was a series of events in many universities and active social media presence to create brand awareness. The strength of the campaign was that it inspired the natural instinct of young people.

The copyrighting was to the point, allowing audience to capture the purpose of the campaign at first glance. Adventure Club Bangladesh is now the fastest growing youth network in Bangladesh covering many renewed universities of every corner of Bangladesh.

“We wanted to position Adventure Club Bangladesh in a way that it stimulates yearning feelings in young people. Horin Branding did a great job to help us figure that out.”

Hasib Rashid/ Founder, Adventure Club Bangladesh

Photography by Multiple Photographer