SAT (School Of Alternative Thoughts) is a nonprofit organization that combines student’s interest, knowledge & needs together to establish a network that will create an alternative way for thinking of students’ career.

SAT is the platform where one can share his/her idea, feelings, and thoughts & also utilize his/her creativity to perform actively. SAT was looking for graphic solution that can easily express their motto and depth of organizational goal and also wanted strategic solution to position SAT as a medium to develop skills and stand out from the crowd.


SAT prides itself on alternative of traditional skill development while actively trying to change the sophisticated learning system of students. Horin Branding’s studies explored the natural stimuli that defines their distinctiveness.

Strategically our goals were threefold; (i) position Café SAT as innovative, and yet rooted in responsible to develop student in career friendly manner; (ii) express SAT as an alternative yet effective skill development organization; (iii) communicate a sense of distinctiveness. So Horin Branding helped SAT to develop the strategic motto “W.Here is your +Point?” rooted in both the problem and solution focused by SAT. ”


SAT logo and brand identity builds on simple and minimal flat pattern that simultaneously serve as an emblem. The mark is both solid and delicate. The new logotype was custom drawn–unique to the “SAT” brand. 

The copywriting was to the point, allowing students to join the organization as being executors or learners. The motto grabs a positive outcome from its target audience as being an innovative expression.

“We were unable to place SAT as an alternative way to develop skill. We were very worried team communicating this core factor. Thanks to Horin Branding for aiding us in graphics and strategy. It just felt like “Eureka”

Abul Khaer / Chairman

Photography by Multiple Photographer