Smart Kompare


SmartKompare helps you to find your best financial product from sea of options.It compares loans from different banks and financial institutions and helps users make a good decision.


Currently, this service is analyzes personal loans, but soon this will also be available for all types of loans The startup seed funded by Fenox Venture Capital, San Jose based venture firm.


Smartkompare prides itself on comparing “seas of options” while actively developing financial awareness to deliver the information team the best, most rational financial solution. Horin Branding’s studies explored the natural stimuli that defines comparison.

Strategically our goals were threefold; (i) position SmartKompare as fresh, innovative, and yet rooted in methodology; (ii) express Smart Kompare as an iconic and confident brand; (iii) communicate a sense of warmth and approachability.


SmartKompare logo and brand identity builds on simple, interlocking tile shapes that simultaneously serve as a monogram. The mark is both solid and delicate.

The new logotype was custom drawn–unique to the SmartKompare brand.The color palette was comprised of earthy and neutral tones that could support SmartKompare’s wide selection of colors.

“I appreciate Horin Branding’s work and definitely will recommend to any company who are looking for graphic and branding solution”

Ron Mahbub/ Founder, Smart Kompare

Photography by Multiple Photographer