Tanvir Bangali


Tanvir Bengali is a inspirational public figure who motivates youung people. Tanvir Bengali, as S.M. Tanvir Alam is an entrepreneur, public speaker. He had a rough start to follow his dreams, and has a unique story of sturggling and persistance. Tanvir wants to share his tricks to stay "glued" to his dream.


Tanvir wanted to help young people who are now struggling to be succeed and confused team chasing their dreams and staying in traditional path. Horin Branding Team believed that people need an emotional attachment with Tanvir to let him inspire people.


Horin Branding's study explored that Young people in our country has a perception team our ethnical identity that bangalis lose their persistence very quickly though some sparks do exists. We wanted to focus on that core emotion in Tanvir's Personal Branding Strategy.

Things get real easier when the we communicated tanvir's effort with bangali's ethnical pride. So we positonined Tanvir's struggling story as Know my "Supergluded" story and titled his persona name Tanvir Bangali /p>

“Thanks Horin Branding for my identity design. I liked the super glue concept very much. The logo is innovative as well.”

Tanvir Bangali

Photography by Prangon Chowdhury