About Horin

Horin branding is a Dhaka-based Branding and Design agency. which launches, re-brands & accelerates brands with passion & meaning.Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between our client's brand and their audience through smart thinking and thoughtful design.We aim to do this by crafting stories that touch people on a personal level, sparking a change in their everyday behavior.

Our Approach

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for success. From startups just finding their feet, to established companies with decades of brand history, we shape our team and process around each client. Each assignment is unique, and should be measured against an individual set of objectives.down arrow
  • Brand Architechture

    Strategy is a crucial first step in the creative development process. A clearly defined strategy serves as a North Star, a point of reference, a brand blueprint. Without it even good design runs the risk of becoming a hit-or-miss expense.

    We work closely alongside our clients to gain the necessary insights that underpin a strategic framework. Through conversations, workshops and other information-gathering exercises we crystallize key brand tenets and define their unique position in the world.

    Brand Diagnosis
    Brand Positioning
    Brand Plan
    Marketing Plan
    Naming Systems

  • Brand Design

    Whether we’re crafting a new identity, or evolving an existing one, our approach to brand identity development is guided by the same analytical process and principles. Our team of writers and designers work hand-in-hand to develop an identity that encapsulates our client’s brand, differentiates them from their competition, and makes a lasting impression on their audience.

    Logo & Visual Identity
    Brand Guidelines
    Brand Books
    Social Post Creation
    Business Systems

  • Brand Experience

    We combine strong visuals, powerful storytelling and best-in-class production to create engaging and memorable brand experiences. Whether we’re architecting a mobile experience, designing retail packaging or crafting copy for a print campaign, we extend the same set of visual and tonal principles to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand experience. This is where it all comes together.


  • “Chase Limits”

    - Fahim Mugdho
  • “Designs are silent shouts”

    - S.M. Waliullah
  • “Think Crazier”

    - Rishad Ahmed

We're fortunate to have worked with some great brands.


  • Rishad Ahmed

    Partner + CEO
  • S.M.Waliullah

    Partner + Creative Design Manager
  • Saif Islam

    Partner + Head of Digital Marketing
  • Farjana Punam

    Partner + Art Director